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Get access to easy steps to book Nairobi Airport Transfers in 4 steps

book Nairobi Airport Transfers in 4 steps

Kaributaxi.com has been providing swift and easiest transport services so that you can book a taxi for your airport transfers. We provide transfer services all across Kenya.

Switch to one of our transfer booking services today


We provide you with the booking service through the phone. This has been our oldest and the most successful approach. We are available 24/7 over phone. You can call us at +254732905343 or +254777905343 for booking our fleets.

We do not charge the booking fee and the fees are affordable. You can use this to raise your query also.


We have been providing the facility to book through email also. You can email us at airporttransfers@hg.co.ke.  Your email is responded instantly so that your booking is confirmed as soon as possible.

You can email us to raise a query also. You are neither charge for booking nor the queries.

Online :

You can book fleets simply through online by filling the online booking form. The form has some of the fields in which you are asked to fill your personal details. Moreover, it also asks you about your pickup date and time along with the destination address and the number of passengers.

You can visit the website https://kaributaxi.com/ and book your next ride.

Online chat:

Our chat service is also available 24/7 with instant replies to your inquiry. You can book from different categories of the journey also.


Nairobi Airport Transfer


Journey categories we provide

All of these 3 journey categories are available through any ways of booking.

Airport Pickup:

We provide an airport pickup service. Generally, you are picked up from the airport and dropped to your destination. Furthermore, you need to provide the number of passengers and the time.

Point To Point:

The point to point service is somehow similar to the airport pickup service. You are asked the pickup and drop-off location along with the number of passengers and the time.


This is quite a different approach that we have been providing. Moreover, it is just like a car rental service. You just need to mention the hours you will be hiring the fleet and your pickup time and location. You can also book a driver for your ride.

But how do I pay for the ride?

It is simple as you can pay online while you are booking or you can also pay through credit cards or PayPal.

Moreover, you can pay in cash on arrival.

We are feasible with all of the payment options you feel comfortable with.

So, we provide service all across East Africa.

We confirm your booking as you book.

We offer low-cost fares so you are affordable with it. Along with it, we provide a wide range of fleets so you can book the fleets you want.

You can even call us or email us for more details. Book your next ride with airport transfers.

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