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How to Book Jambojet flights Online guide

Jambojet online ticket booking

Jambojet online ticket booking

This guide will give you a step by step process of Jambojet online ticket booking and managing your booking online.

Jambojet online ticket booking: The reason why you are here is because you are probably planning to travel.

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Whether you found this blog by accident of as you were searching online flights, it will be of help in your booking process.

First, it is important to note that booking online your Jambojet flight is the best and cheapest way compared to booking via an agency.

This is because you have access to the cheapest fares as well as direct contact with the Airline.

Jambojet has also invested heavily on the IT resources giving their customers a seamless booking process.

You do not need to be techsavvy of have prior booking expereince for you to book a Jambojet flight Ticket.

Introduction to Jambojet

Jambojet is a low-cost airline that operates from its hub the Nairobi International Airport, NBO.

It is fully owned by the Kenya National Carrier Kenya Airways.

It Started operations on 1 April 2014.

if You want to understand the operations and definitions of a Low Cost Carrier of what is commonly known in travel as a LCC, you can read more here

Jambojet online ticket booking

It is important you understand what is a low cost carrier as this will help you in your expectations when booking a flight ticket and what is included.

You can read more about Jambotjet on their official website about us page.

Step One: Google Jambojet.

The Process will start by you visiting the website.

The official jambojet website is https://www.jambojet.com/en-us/

You can access this website by googling or typing the url in your browser.

A quick search on this is likely to bring results like this.

Image of Google comes here

Jambojet online ticket booking

You might see other websites selling jambojet tickets and there is nothing wrong with that.

There are some websites that distribute the airline tickets and it is a common practice globally.

If you choose to book directly with the jambojet website, this is what will appear.

Jambojet online ticket booking

This is Is commonly knows as a booking engine in travel terminology.

Some also call it booking widget, or a booking form.

It is integrated with the airline inventory systems such that it gives you live data (prices and availability).

This means that if the fares are not available on the requested dates, the system will not populate them and may give you alternative dates.

This are the parameters the form will ask you in order to give you your rates.

Nature of your booking, Whether your booking is any of the option below:

  • One way: This means you will be flying one way and the fares you get are from the origin airport to the destination Airport.
  • Return: This means the fares you get will be from the Origin Airport to the destination Airport and back to the Origin Airport.
  • Multi city: This means you can book a multicity Ticket, That is more that two airports, for instance, Kisumu to Nairobi then to Goma, Congo

Outbound date

The second parameter you will be asked is your outbound date. Ensure you have inserted the right date as a wrong date will populate the wrong fares.

Unless your travel is flexible, changing of dates if the ticket most of the times comes with a penalty.

This is the reason you need to be careful when inserting your travel dates.

Number of Pax

Since the system allows you to make a booking of more than one person with one booking, it is important that you insert the number of people you are booking for. The engine has a plus (+) sign that allows you to add the travelers as appropriate.

If you have children with you, ensure you have inserted the number of children as well.

The Promo code

Some times during promotions, airlines have promo codes, it is important that you insert you promocode at this time.

What this will do is that it will include the discount in your fares.

Click on the search Button

Step two – Select fares

Once you click the search Button, the fares will populate as shown below.

This Matrix will show you the fares alongside various dates.

It will also show you the times of departure and arrival.

This will enable you make the right decision based on your travel reasons.

If your travel dates are flexible, you can use change the dates to those with cheapest fares.

Jambojet has two sets of fares depending on what you need as shown below.

If you are travelling light, a case of business travel, Basic fare is just fine.

Step three: Put the customer details

Make sure you put the details as correctly as possible, remember these are the details you will need to board.

If you are using your ID to travel, make sure you put the dates.

Step 4: add add-on services

Step five: pay and check out

Once you have added the add-on, please click next to continue.

You can select card or mobile money

Jambojet has not activated other methods of payment like paypal.

Voila, you have now your ticket.

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