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JKIA Yellow Taxi Cabs

JKIA Yellow Taxi Cabs

All You Need to Know JKIA Yellow Taxi Cabs At Nairobi International Airport

Information about JKIA Yellow Taxi Cabs At Nairobi International Airport.

Recently we blogged about how to get a seamless airport transfer in Nairobi Airport.

First, yellow cabs are all over the world, I am not sure why airports have resolved to have their taxis painted yellow, I think it because it is easier to monitor them.

The JKIA Yellow Taxi Cabs at Nairobi International Airport are individually owned. There are some companies though that own taxis that are painted yellow.

However, other transfer providers are also licensed to operate even though they are not pained yellow.

It is recommended you use a JKIA Yellow Taxi Cabs that are owned by companies where there are structures.

We also recommend you agree on a price before departure to avoid any misunderstanding.

Please pre-book your JKIA Yellow Taxi Cabs ahead of your travel and someone will be waiting for you.

All airports have yellow cab taxis, Some travellers would rather use a non-branded yellow cab transfer.

Mombasa Airport, Nairobi Airport, Eldoret Airport,

Traffic in Nairobi is some of the worst I have ever seen.

The taxi drivers manage to get around the worst of the gridlock though.

If you have a flight that is going out and requires you to travel in peak hours leave lots of time.

You can see more reviews on trip advisor

The points to consider before you choose a taxi-cab in Nairobi are

  • Affordability
  • Knowledge of Nairobi
  • Insurance
  • Reviews
  • The neatness of the car and the driver

There are several JKIA Yellow Taxi Cabs ranks in Nairobi Airport One is In Domestic arrivals, International Arrivals, and Also KQ priority gate.

Soliciting for services is prohibited at the Airport.

Please call the number on your voucher to find out where your driver is waiting from.

JKIA Yellow Taxi Cabs