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List of Taxi Companies in Nairobi Kenya and their websites

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List of Taxi Companies.

Taxi Business is as old as the City itself.

Before the advent of technology and emergence of taxi hailing up, numerous taxi companies were operating in Nairobi Kenya.

This Article will explore the known taxi companies in Kenya as of January 2020.

In no particular order, here is a list of some of the best taxi companies in Kenya.

The taxi company can be categorized in to two

Those that are in the model of taxi hailing and use apps to connect riders and drivers.

The second category is those that are more corporate. They are mostly used by corporates.

This table attempts to distinguish the two

Taxi Companies In Nairobi Kenya

Taxi Hailing Apps

Coporate Taxis


Absolute Cabs

Bolt formerly Taxify

Delight Cabs Ltd

Little Cab

Jatco Tours and Taxis Co.Ltd

Click Cabs

Kenatco Taxis Ltd

In driver

Pewin Cabs

Mondo Ride

Universal Cabs Ltd

Mara Moja

The emergence of Apps have made the convenience of Taxis become accessible to the masses that could not afford these services before.

Bolt formerly Taxify

It is the second most popular taxi-hailing service that was introduced in Kenya after Uber a year later. Taxify is an United Arab Emirates Company. Taxify was launched in Kenya after successful roll out in South Africa. You can read more here. https://bolt.eu/en-ke/

Little Cab

Litlle cab was launched as a partnership between Safaricom and Cratft Silicon. Little cab is now in most large cities of Kenya. Little cab has revolutionized to now sell more than rides. You can order food, drinks, groceries, e.t.c from the app. You can read more at Little Cab Website

Little cab contacts

Little cab is a popular hailing company in kenya. You just need an app intalled on your phone in order to book a ride. If You are looking for their Contacts, You can do so here. https://little.bz/ke/ 

The Phone contacts are not online but their emails can be found here.


Uber was introduced into the Kenyan market in 2015. It was the pioneer taxi hailing app. The company has grown albeit resistance at the start, Uber is now accepted by most Nairobi Dwellers. Uber is a USA based company with operations in almost all countries. You can read more at www.uber.com

Absolute Cabs

It is operated by Absolute Adventure Safaris Ltd, a Nairobi based company that was incorporated in 2006, with a key mission of providing cost-effective, efficient and reliable transport services tailored to meet customer’s needs. You can read more here: http://absolutecabs.co.ke/

Delight Cabs Ltd

It was introduced in Kenya in 2009, with a key mission of providing a 24-hour taxi service for individuals, corporate clients as well as business clients. It offers executive transfers, airport transfers, daily transfers and car hire services. It offers executive services across major towns in Kenya.

PTG travels formerly Pewin Cabs

PTG Travel is a leading transport solution provider in Kenya. The company was started as Pewin Cabs back in 2009. We rebranded to PTG Travel to provide more transport service that is ‘Beyond Cabs’.

The company provide fast pick-ups, enjoyable rides in clean vehicles, with well-trained drivers and high level of personalized customer care. PTG is in the business of providing professional corporate and personal point-to-point transfers with availability of a booking App.

Our exceptional service also encompasses a full day hire that comes with a professional driver and a cost center accounting system that

ensures smooth logistics with departmental and user billing You can read more here https://www.ptgtravels.com/

Jatco Tours and Taxis Co.Ltd

It is a top taxi company that offers services within Nairobi and its environs. Jatco Taxis and Tours Ltd, is the largest and most professionally managed taxi company in Nairobi. It provides both public pay in and corporate clients with first class services. At the time of writing this Article, We did not find its live website. Their website was http://www.jatcotaxis.com/

Jimcab Services Ltd

Jimcab Services is an established taxi private hire company. We provide a taxi service covering all types of jobs such as local runs, airport transfers and long distance work. They provide a high standard of service and a hassle free solution to our customers’ travel needs. Their vast fleet of vehicles includes Saloon Cars, 7,14, and  22   Seater People Carriers and Executive Cars. You can read more here: https://jimcabservices.business.site/ or http://www.jimcab.co.ke/

Kenatco Taxis Ltd

It is the oldest taxi company in Kenya with its headquarters in Nairobi, and other branches in Kisumu, Eldoret and Mombasa. It offers personal transfer services, airport transfers, corporate transfers and group transfers. You can read more here. https://www.kenatco.co.ke/

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Universal Cabs Ltd

It is a well established and efficient taxi company operating on a 24 hr basis within Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kakamega, Eldoret and Nakuru. It offers transport services to both individuals and corporate clients. All its vehicles are fitted with two-way radio communication gadgets, Stoic Global Positioning Systems (GPS) which enable the cars to be tracked or located in case of an emergency.

This list is not comprehensive as there are more companies that are not popular. If you want to pre-book your taxi from any place in Mombasa, Nairobi or Kisumu, Please use the search widget below.

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