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Mombasa Airport Taxis to Diani Beach

Mombasa Airport Taxis

Mombasa Airport Taxis

The article will give you tips of the Diani Beach Destination and tips on Mombasa Airport Taxis to the beach hotels

About Diani Beach

Mombasa Airport Taxis to Diani Beach South or Mombasa, hotels and more

Diani Beach is no doubt an experience you would want to miss if you got a chance to visit Mombasa in Your lifetime.

It is characterized by flawless white-sands beaches hugged by lush forest, cute show lines and lovely mature palm trees and kissed by surf-able waves.

According to Lonely Planet, Diani Beach is so popular.

This Diani resort beats the rest due to its diverse crowd:  from honeymooners to water-sports enthusiasts.

If you are a whale shark lover, Diani beach is the place to visit.

Diani beach is located South of Mombasa about 30 kilometres from Mombasa Town.

Diani beach Was Voted as one of the 25 top beaches in The word on Trip Advisor

How to get to Diani

By plane

Mombasa Airport Taxis


There is a small airport called Ukunda UKA.

There are flights that operate from Wilson Airport Nairobi and Jomo Kenyatta Nairobi International Airport.

Some of these are Skyward Airlines and Jambojet.

These are however not the only Airlines, You can compare flights from Nairobi to Ukunda from this website: Tripindigo

If you want to combine coast holiday with a safari in the Massai Mara its advisable to come to Kenya via Nairobi to save the high costs for the flight from Mombasa into the Mara and back.

Hotels in Diani Beach

Mombasa Airport Taxis

Whether you are going to Diani beach for the wedding, conference, honeymoon or a random vacation, Diani Beach is not short of options when it comes to good oceanfront hotels.

Some of these are: Swahili Beach, Neptune Palm Beach Boutique Resort and Spa, Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa, Lantana Galu Beach and Diani Sea Lodge. To book this hotel and get best rates, it’s good to use metasearch sites and OTAs, browse more hotels here>>>

Taxi from the Mombasa airport to Ukunda

Mombasa Airport Taxis

For International travelers, you will most probably be using The Mombasa Airport popularly known as Moi International Airport – IATA code MBA.

If you are travelling from Nairobi, you may be using Ukunda local airport that does not handle international traffic.

Taxis from Mombasa city center will be around Ksh 3500 to 4000. That’s equivalent of 40 USD.

A private taxi can be a good choice because with public transport it can be tedious. You will have to disembark at the ferry and take another taxi.

You can also check another post on about the Uber taxi to Diani here

If you are wondering which airlines land in Mombasa, You can check here.

If you are coming with SGR, you can also book your SGR.

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