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Nairobi Safari Walk Tour

nairobi safari walk

Nairobi Safari Walk Day city Tour

Spend some time enjoying uninterrupted views of wildlife as you walk on raised wooden boardwalk courtesy of the Nairobi Safari Walk city tour.


nairobi safari walk
Courtesy: KWS.GO.KE

This city park is a sneak preview of what is in store across Kenya’s Parks and Reserves. You get to enjoy a sample of the big cats, primates, antelopes, marine creatures and more than 150 species of local flora.

The park has incredible reviews on trip advisor

What to Expect

Your adventure starts with a pick up from the airport (you can make your booking here) and proceeds to the Nairobi Safari Walk, which is open all year round.

Located only 7km south of Nairobi City, off Langata Road, the Nairobi Safari Walk is home to a range of flora and fauna. When here, expect to see the following:

  • The big cats – currently the park has a lion, leopard and a cheetah
  • Predators – you get to see the African spotted hyena and some crocodiles
  • Herbivores – the park is home to zebras (including albino zebra), eland, buffalo, pygmy hippos and wildebeest
  • The Ivory Burning Monument site
  • Children’s Museum

You can also enjoy the spacious picnic sites around before you continue on your trail to crocodile and hippo pools. You get to experience 3 major ecosystems in the park; Savannah, wetlands and forestry.

Activities Allowed In the Park

The park management allows the following activities

  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Corporate and social events
  • Photography

Kindly Note the below points about Nairobi Safari Walk city tour

It is important to note that visitors are not allowed to feed the animals or disturb them.

You can request a guided tour for in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna in the park. Additionally, there is plenty of information boards around the park should you need extra information or opt to take the walk without a guide.

Are you looking for an adventure in Nairobi city? Would you like to take a break from your regular city life and enjoy the serenity of the wild while in the city under the sun? Would you like to see a sneak preview of what Kenya offers as you plan your next safari?

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Nairobi Airport Transfer

If you are visiting Nairobi for Business or for leisure, We would recommend you take your tour of the Nairobi Safari Walk before leaving as you connect to the Nairobi Airport or Wilson Airport. It certainly allows you to feel the wild despite you being at the city.

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