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Spice up your trip in Nairobi By Pre-booked Taxis

Airport taxi in Nairobi

Spice up your travels by booking an airport taxi in Nairobi

Whether you are travelling intercity or inter country for business or for leisure, you will most definitely find yourself in an airport taxi in Nairobi.

Booking of airlines and hotels has been made extremely easy with advent of Technology.

If you are travelling to Nairobi, there are several airlines flying to Nairobi.

This link can help you with that list:

However below are some of the international carriers flying to NairobiAir France


Kenya Airways

Precision Airlines

Qatar Airlines

Turkish Airlines

British Airways

Even if you do have a travel agent, with a click some buttons and a credit card, you can easily make reservation to thousands of hotels and Airlines.

Even small domestic airlines have functional booking engines emended in their websites that can make you book your travels easily.

Once you have your hotel room and airline seat reservations, the next thing you need to worry about is an airport transfer.

How do you an book your airport taxi ahead of your travel.

There are several ways you can organize for your transfer.

Through your Hotel

One way id to ask your hotel whether they have hotel-Airport transfers.

Some hotels provide this as a complementary service. Off course the costs have been added up to the room rate.

Other reservation agents with hotels have arranged plans with taxi drivers who linger around hotels.

Once they have your reservation, they will give your name to a taxi driver who will be waiting for you.

The taxi driver will definitely share some commission upon paying with the reservation agent.

Through Your Airline

The other way is to book a first / business class sea with an airline.

Some airlines offer this as a free service offered to business class customers.

Definitely the price is added to your fare.

There are several airlines that provide these services. Through our search in the internet, we came across A list of airline offering chauffer service.

An Emirates Business Chauffer

Through Local providers

The Most convenient and cost effective way to book a transfer is to pre-book your transfer with a direct provider like www.kaributaxi.com Where you will be able to book and pay online.

Such websites allow you to choose your preferred your vehicle based on the size of the group, size and number of luggage, as well as level of comfort.

A driver will be waiting for you at the other side of the journey.

Since We use google coordinates, the prices is based on the distance from the airport.

This means that your prices will be transparent.

KaribuTaxi.com provides airport transfers in the below airports.

Nairobi Airport (NBO),

Mombasa Airport (MBA),

Wilson Airport (WIL),

Kisumu Airport (KIS),

Eldoret Airport (EDL),

Ukunda Airport (UKA),

Zanzibar Airport (ZNZ),

Dar es Salam Airport (DAR),

Arusha Airport (ARK),

Malindi Airport (MYD),

Kigali Airport (KGL)

How do you spice up your transfer from the airport.

1. Leave a comment for the driver

Most of these booking have a space where you can leave a comment to the driver.

This allows you to indicate a special request to the organizers to make your trip smooth.

Examples of comments you can leave in the comment boxI am a VVVVIP in my country, handle me with care.

Please come with your cats, I love cats.

If you are a couple and you want to surprise your better half with that “aha moment” You can leave a comment like ” please wait for me with the names: Mr. Mathew and his sweet wife” Your wife/girlfriend will definitely love you for that.

If you have a kid and you did not book a child seat, this is also a chance for your to request the child seat.

2. Book a stop-over.

Most Booking platforms will book for a stop over.

A stop over would be very idea if, for instance you want to but a local sim card, or you want to taste some local cuisines.

Taxi drivers are very savvy with restaurants and malls where all this can happen.

Some of the companies will charge a minimal fee for that, others will offer for free.

3. Take your driver mobile number / WhatsApp Viber etc.

Why is this necessary.

First of all, most drivers will put their faces on their WhatsApp profile pictures. This will make sure you easly identify him once you see him paging.

The next reason is you might want to alert him that your luggage has delayed or you have delays with custom procedures or COVID 19 PCR tests.

Most Airports have free wife even if its limited and you might have the luxury of communication with him.

4. Ask the driver of what’s happening in the city.

Taxi drivers are knowledgeable with politics than your favorite political analyst.

They are google maps by themselves,

They can help you spice your travel even with other events in the city that you can take advantage off.

5. Some fun is good

Make the airport taxi in Nairobi Driver Anticipate you.

Remember they will be using your name ti page you. Throw in Some fun.

Ask the driver to page you using the names “Barrak Obama

airport taxi in Nairobi

6. Book a cheap city tour

Taxi drivers can the best driver-guides around the city.

If you have an day to spare from your daily schedule, or an afternoon break, your airport taxi in Nairobi driver can organize a city tours to various city monuments.

There are several places your driver can take you in your destination city.

This is our sister website that serves such bespoke tours for our clients.

You can browse tours here: www.tours.kaributaxi.com

You can for instance book this tour in Nairobi City and visit various places in Nairobi for just 100 USD.

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