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Asthma inhaler
If you are unwell, the best advice would be to stay at home, seek medication and relax until you feel better. However, for some people staying back may not be an option. Again, it is not uncommon people to get sick while travelling. The following are some of the things to consider while making trips as as a person living with asthma.

1. Know the triggers

Ranging from pollen of different plant species to pet fur, asthma has diverse triggers. What is harmful to one person may never cause any significant distress  to another. Knowing what exactly to avoid without compromising the purpose and enjoyment of your trip is the key.

2. Know your destination

Adverse weather conditions, dusty roads, flower plantations can be hostile environments for people living with asthma. Knowing what kind of environment you are visiting or passing through is a very important issue. Apart from that, find out about medical services available in your destination. If you are staying in an hotel, find out if they have the capacity to respond to emergency medical cases.

3. Get tested for predisposing diseases

Predisposing diseases are those likely to initiate an asthma attack. They include flu, bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia. If by chance you have any of those, seek treatment immediately.

4. Carry all the necessary medication/ equipment

For many asthmatic people, an inhaler is a must-have. Don’t forget to pack it together with necessary tablets or syrups such as salbutamol and franol tabs – that come in handy in case of an attack. If you are camping or staying in a lodge, be sure to pack an electric kettle to warm your drinking water with ease.

5. Have a travel partner

Trust me, you will feel safer when travelling with someone who understands your condition. Make sure you share with them the information in points 1-4 above.
Asthma is manageable with the right information and precautions. Keep safe and enjoy your travel

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