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Things you can do at Nairobi Airport

Nairobi Airport

Things you can do at Nairobi Airport

If you googled using a search term “Things you can do at Nairobi Airport” You are likely to get a multitude of ideas on the activities you can do if you found yourself in Nairobi Airport and your flight is cancelled or delayed.

These are some of the results worth considering



We recently blogged about hotels near Nairobi Airport That you can book or maybe your airline will book you in if you find yourself stuck at the airport.

In Air transport, a delay is always better to regret. Aircraft maintenance results in delays or rerouting.

Depending on the amount of time you have and the time of the day, You can indulge in the Nairobi Culture and have a story to tell.

There are few but small malls within and near Nairobi Airport

One of them is the Gateway Mall and the other is the capital centre.

Are good restaurants and you can also taste Kenyan cuisine.

If you have enough time you can take a tour to the Nairobi Safari walk and have a chance to view the caged animals or visit the Giraffe Centre or the David Sheldrick Wildlife trust.



Taxis are readily available for hire in the ground transportation area of the airport. There are no meters so it is advisable you negotiate a fare with the driver before starting your journey.

Always confirm your destination with the driver before getting in, and watch out for pickpockets. You can seamlessly use our booking engine to book for your transfer,

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